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On Thursday August 18th Richard Austin Rees PR & Fashion Management provided 6 Fashion/Commercial runway models and a team of 4 make up artists as well as Set Management and co-ordination for breakthrough  Lingerie designer Kriss Soonik's 2011 Spring Summer Collection Launch entitled "The Odd Couple" .
The launch party & show took place at the Award winning Mcqueen venue in fashionable Shoreditch, London to an industry crowd which included representatives from several Glossy magazines .
Press, media & The World Fashion Network TV Station were in attendance to cover and film the event.

Kriss Soonik explained her idea and inspiration behind "The Odd Couple".

"My collection is all about making the usual unusual, the ordinary extraordinary, and turning the odd couples into winning combinations. The Kriss Soonik girl is determined and creative,striking gold in impossible situations. If the girl can wear underwear as outerwear and make it a winning combination,why cant she fall in love with a handsome reindeer boy? Why do we always have to make the obvious choices,when we just need a little extra to spice up our life ? And in the end the oddest choices can sometimes be the best ones "

Kriss Soonik Spring/Summer 2011 Loungerie Collection launch
Designer: Kriss Soonik  (
Managing Assistant: Samantha Charles-Nelson
Set Management & Co-ordination: Richard Austin Rees PR & Fashion Management
Set Management Assistance: Nicole Hatch
Catwalk Consultation: Professor Catwalk
( many thanks for last minute advice & additonal consultation)
Models : Kasia Bober
               Natalja Smirnova
               Nicole Da Silva Semedo
               Norah Mullane
               Michael Weylo

 Models Supplied by Richard Austin Rees PR & Fashion Management

Additional Models: Kart Taniberg
                                 Charlene Nga Dang
Make Up Artists: Maria Foster
                               Defaf Alamri
                               Serena Locatelli
 Make Up Team supplied by Richard Austin Rees PR & Fashion Management

Official Photographers: Erik Erxon
                                         Rob Jarvis
                                         Yasir Qayyum
                                         Charles Pycraft
                                         Paul Ashby
 (photographs only available through Richard Austin Rees )

TV Crew : World Fashion Network

With Thanks to London Fashion Models , Superstar Magazine & Eve Yasmine  for ongoing support & additional coverage.

Richard Austin Rees PR & Fashion Management
07766 570305

Model Kasia Bober
Photograph by Erik Erxon

Model Natilja Smirnova
Photograph by Erik Erxon

Model Nicole Da Silva Semedo
Photograph by Erik Erxon

Model Kasia Bober
Photograph by Erik Erxon

Model Victoria Rose
Photograph by Erik Erxon

Model Kasia Bober
Photograph by Erik Erxon

Models Kasia & Natalja
Photograph by Yasir Qayyum

The Backstage team left to right make up artists EmilyJane, Maria Foster,
co-ordinator Richard Austin Rees, make up artists Defaf Alamri, 
assistant Nicole Hatch & make up artist Serena Locatteli.
Photograph by Yasir Qayyum

Model Natlaja, designer Kriss Soonik and models Kasia & Victoria Rose
Photograph by Rob Jarvis

Press & media were in full attendance and here seen with World Fashion network
Photograph by Yasir Qayyum



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